LOVE was founded by Twinkle (Sheila) Rudberg whose husband Daniel was killed by a fourteen-­year-­old boy on the streets of downtown Montreal in 1972. Twinkle learned that the young perpetrator’s life had consisted of gang involvement, drug abuse and spending hours watching violent movies. She began to see him as a victim of violence as well. “It was that incident that made me realize that kids needed a voice, a place to express themselves, and to deal with their issues of violence” she adds. Twinkle took action to help youth and founded LOVE. Today, the organization assists thousands of youth who have been victims, witnesses, or perpetrators of violence and empowers them to transform their lives through self-­‐discovery, writing, photography, digital media and leadership training.

“After having heard Twinkle’s founding story for LOVE on the radio one evening, I just knew that if she could accomplish such amazing things after such a tragic event, then we could do something to help bring this incredible organization to light” states Sonia Balazovjech, Founder and Artistic Director of SBDC. “We are all mothers, teachers, sisters and friends and youth violence affects us all. LOVE’s impact on our community is powerful and we are so proud to be a part of its continued success.”

The various media produced by LOVE’s youth have become the inspiration on which Addicted to LOVE is designed and choreographed. Proceeds from the productions will be donated in aid of LOVE’s media arts and leadership training programs. The audience can expect inspiration not only in the form of dance, but live music from Montreal-­‐born songwriters David Hodges, Stefanie Parnell and Laura Newman as well as various portrayals of LOVE work. Addicted to LOVE aims to shed light on the causes of violence, the effects it has on young peoples’ lives and futures, as well as the remedy that LOVE offers within its creative and educational programs.

Information & Tickets:
February 7 & 8th 2014 7:00pm & 9:00pm showings Espace Réunion
6600 Hutchison Street, Outremont, QC H2V 4E1 Tickets: $37 Regular admission / $20 Students / 438-­‐882-­‐8762