To reduce violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence.


Youth from LOVE have been witnesses, victims and/or perpetrators of violence.
At LOVE, we define violence as any action that causes pain. Violence can be emotional, physical or social. This includes domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment, self-harm, different forms of bullying (including physical, social, verbal, emotional, psychological and extortion), fighting, sexual abuse, gang-related violence, substance abuse and substance-related violence, suicide (family members, peers, or personal attempts), and hate crimes such as racism, sexism, and homophobia.


To inspire youth to build a society free of fear and violence.
LOVE believes that youth offer concrete reality-based solutions to their own problems and that changes in youth attitudes and behaviours are best made through peer-to-peer communication. This approach gives program participants the ability to change themselves, while also building the capacity to help others.
LOVE’s approach recognizes and validates the perspective from which youth speak.


| 80%* of our graduates reported that there has been a significant decrease in their experiences with violence.
| 82%* have completed or are in the process of completing Cegep.
| 92%* have completed their secondary education, while the average high school graduation rate is only 64%** in the greater Montreal region.

* LOVE Alumni Questionnaire Results, 2015
** Statistic from Montreal Hooked on School, 2011


| LOVE listens to youth and creates a safe, accepting atmosphere where youth are heard.
| LOVE gives youth a sense of purpose: to change the world by reducing violence.
| LOVE creates strong relationships based on trust.
| LOVE helps youth realize and grow their capacities through its educational programs.
| LOVE helps youth to build self-esteem and lead constructive lives.


LOVE is a non-profit organization based in Montreal and founded by Mrs.Twinkle Rudberg in 1993. Following her husband’s murder by a 14 year old boy, Twinkle became convinced that the young perpetrator was himself a victim of violence. Thus, LOVE was born. The organization has made a significant impact on youth aged 13 to 19 by helping them end the cycles of violence in their lives and by training them to become leaders in violence-prevention within their communities. LOVE’s violence prevention programs have been enthusiastically endorsed by schools, government, community organizations and corporations who believe in the immense potential of our youth. Over the last 20 years, LOVE has launched programs in Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver.



Twinkle Rudberg, M.S.M.

Harry Hopmeyer (deceased)

Program Co-Founders
Brenda Proulx
Stanley Chase

LOVE National President
Daniel Holland


LOVE Québec – Board of Directors

Diane Bussandri, President of the Board
Consultant Corporate Affairs

Aissatou Ba, Treasurer
Finance Consultant 

Simon V. Potter, Past-President
Lawyer, Partner at McCarthy Tétrault

Satoko Ingram 
Social Worker, Newton Foundation  

Éric Falardeau 
Consultant, McKinsey & Company of Canada

Isabel Valenta
Lawyer, Associate at Lavery, de Billy LLP

Mitch Halickman
First Vice-President, CIBC WoodGundy

Lauren Burns
Sr. Manager, Solution Engineering – Canada, Salesforce

LOVE Québec – Staff

Joe Allen
Co-Executive Director (Programs)

Justin Gaurav Murgai
Co-Executive Director (Communications & Development)

Vanessa Sérant
Communications & Development Coordinator

Vera Fares (on maternity leave)
Senior Program Coordinator

Breana Prince-Harris
Senior Program Coordinator

Émile Trottier-Dufour
Senior Program Coordinator

Cassandra Bluethner
Program Coordinator

Sarah Zaslov
Program Coordinator

Florence Aubin-Cloutier
Program Coordinator