We are thrilled to collaborate with Black Theatre Workshop and Imago Theatre in their presentation of the Canadian premiere of Random, an arresting one-woman show written by the award-winning U.K. playwright Debbie Tucker Green, directed by Micheline Chevrier and performed by Lucinda Davis.

Lucinda Davis, recipient of a META (Montreal English Theatre Award) for her performance in Harlem Duet, portrays Random’s characters in a hard-hitting, spoken word inspired dramatic style.

Random tells the story of a Black family whose lives are forever changed in the wake of a tragic act of violence. Random addresses racism, prejudice, loss and grief with an unapologetic honesty. The play offers a human perspective on the prevalence of youth violence targeted at men in Black communities.

Black Theatre Workshop and Imago Theatre are inviting a group of LOVE youth to present the organization and our programs and to share their personal stories with the public.

Black Theatre Workshop and Imago Theatre are also raising funds for LOVE. An art exhibit featuring photographs and written works produced by LOVE youth from the Media Arts Program will also be showcased over the course of the play’s run. LOVE youth will present our organization to audience members attending the performance of Random on March 22nd at 3 pm at the MAI (Montréal, art interculturels) theatre. The play and the LOVE exhibit will run until April 4th.

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