Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! What else was there to think about other than gratitude and food?

Over the past few months, LOVE staff, volunteers and friends have been knocking on doors to get restaurants involved in our biggest event of the year. Not only will the LOVE Notes cocktail reunite new and old LOVE supporters, but it will be a showcase for local businesses that have generously offered to serve their unique, locally produced food and drink for our special event.

When the LOVE office was located on Saint-Paul not so long ago, I would walk into my local coffee and dessert shop several times a week (how could I resist?) and was consistently greeted with a warm smile and a hot, tasty latte. I knew that Bar à beurre would be the perfect dessert food kiosk for our event. A family owned-and-operated luxury pastry shop, Bar a beurre has newsworthy desserts that you’ll have to taste for yourself. If you drop by their location at 350 Notre-Dame East, please say hi to the D’Amora family for LOVE while you’re there! We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of Vanessa, Pietro and Linda D’Amora for LOVE Notes.

Speaking of family-owned-and-operated businesses, we’ve got another newsworthy local business on board for the event! Carbonated water company Eau Saint-Justin is a Quebecois success story, rivaling some of the big players in the carbonated water industry like Perrier, San Pellegrino and Eska. The company has generously donated their unique, Quebec-made product to make our event toast-perfect for all of our guests… including LOVE youth!

Dessert and drinks are great, but we couldn’t have a “cocktail dinatoire” without some whole-hearted traditional Italian food. La Trattoria’s owner, Ted Dranias, is a long-time friend of LOVE and has quite the reputation among restaurant go-ers… he could not be more interested in keeping his clientele happy! What more could we ask from such a LOVEly supporter?

Diversity, you might say… how about local cheese? Not only will Agropur Signature run an Oka cheese food kiosk the night of our event, but Quebon (another brand in the Agropur family) is one of our major financial sponsors for the event! Chapeau to the Agropur family for supporting LOVE’s efforts to break the cycle of violence in the lives of youth and in our communities.

There’s a few more participating restaurants I’m going to tell you about, but right now, my stomach’s growling again! To order tickets for LOVE Notes, please contact the LOVE office (514-938-0006) or email info@leaveoutviolence.org.

If you can’t make it to the event, please consider making a donation to support our media arts and leadership programs in the coming year. Cheers!

LOVE Notes – November 14, 2013

Espace Réunion: 6610, Hutchison Street, in Outremont (metro Parc).

Cocktail dînatoire: 6:00pm; concert with Gregory Charles: 8:00pm.

Tickets: $200 ($130 tax receipt)

Thank you for supporting LOVE!