“From the moment I stepped into the LOVE office I felt like it was a second home where it was safe for youth to express their thoughts without being judged. LOVE helped me to find my field of study in film and media arts. I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish so many things without the help of LOVE. I wish that every youth could have the chance to participate in this life changing program.” Carlos, LOVE Leader

“The program helped me so much to grow and become who I am now! It helped me to clear my mind and gain maturity. It helped me to set my goals and even more challenging ones. LOVE helped me in my relationships and how to understand other people and even help them. It also gave me a warm feeling of belonging. LOVE camp was an amazing experience and gave me so much happiness that I will cherish forever! When I think about it, LOVE helped me to become a better person; something I will never forget!” Zino, LOVE leader

“Before LOVE I can assure you that I had no style, no dream, no hope, and no ambition. I was full of anger and hatred towards a world I considered hostile and unfair. Ultimately, LOVE helped me to understand many things, such as the source of my anger. The Program Coordinators taught me things that have changed the way I see the world today. Over time, LOVE helped change the person I was, and how I viewed my surroundings and my family. Thanks to the tools that LOVE gave me, I didn’t drop out of school, I finished my secondary education in an adult education program and I am enrolled in my second year at college, pursuing my studies in the field of delinquency-prevention.” Oscar, LOVE Leader

“LOVE teaches us things that we’ll never learn in a regular high school classroom. I know so many LOVE youth that have found their talents and have achieved their goals through LOVE’s programs. I wouldn’t be in college right now if it wasn’t for LOVE. Thanks to LOVE, I have confidence in myself and so much more”. – Sam T., LOVE Leader